What grants can your small business get?

By October 9, 2016September 7th, 2018Funding, General Business


A question that accountants commonly get asked is “what grants can my small business get?” so I thought it’d be beneficial to run through how to find grants that your business might be eligible for as well as looking at some of the ones we see commonly with our clients.

First up, it can be worth having a search using Grant Guru or go straight to the government’s own site here. Both of which will allow you to browse the dozens of different grants that are out there on a local, state and federal level for different kinds of businesses. These search engines let you search and browse by location, industry, business size, etc. and can be a brilliant starting point to see what is available for your business.

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The following are some of the grants we commonly see clients accessing:

  • Export Market Development Grant – also known as ‘EMDG’ this grant allows businesses spending money on marketing overseas to get some cash back in the form of an assessable grant. We’ve got a handy flyer here that explains further.
  • Research & Development Tax Offset – commonly used in the technology startup space, this refundable tax offset allows those engaging in proper R&D activities to get some of their spend back. Again, we’ve got a flyer that explains further here.
  • Entrepreneurs’ Programme – this funding is broken down into three streams, one designed to help entrepreneurs commercialise their business ideas, another to help improve an existing business and a third stream designed to help overcome growth hurdles. Find out more here.

We recommend having a look at the different grants available to your business using the government search tool. You’d be surprised at what is available regardless of the size of your business. And if you’d like any assistance with applying for grants please get in touch today, we’d love to help.