The Activity Trap, and how to avoid it

By October 12, 2015September 10th, 2018Marketing & Communications Agencies, Start ups


It’s a common enough story. We’ve factored sales and marketing activities into our weekly schedule. We make those calls and have those meetings. Then to our surprise… it works! And jobs start coming in.

And then we get busy, doing the work we’ve been flat out selling. So the sales and marketing stops for a while. The pipeline depletes. The jobs end… And we’re back at square one.

It’s what a client of mine recently named ‘the activity trap’. (Don’t worry, I told him I was going to steal it from him) Activity takes over, sales gets neglected. How can you break the cycle? Here are a few ideas:

* Plan your work accordingly. Think before you say ‘yes’ to everything and consider the timelines involved.

* If timeframes and workload coincide to block up your diary, consider if you can bring on casual labour to help lighten the load.

* Make your business development activities a mix of ‘quick wins’ and ‘slow burners’, so that the prospects don’t all convert to jobs at once.

* Block out regular times each week for business development, and don’t move them unless it’s absolutely necessary.

* Invest in some activities which should do some of the lead generation for you: SEO, Google Adwords or automated EDMs.

And overall – remember to prioritise your business development activities. It might be comforting to dive into the work when it comes in and forget about sales for a while. But the price is an empty pipeline in future. That’s the activity trap.

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