It’s not just about the money: Our Enterprise Funding panel at Screen Forever

By November 23, 2015September 10th, 2018Entertainment Industry, Funding


It was standing room only at our panel discussion at the Screen Forever conference in Melbourne last week.

The topic was Screen Australia’s Enterprise Funding and how it helps build screen businesses. The Enterprise Funding can be a charged topic eliciting many conflicting views, but on this occasion we focused on the stories of three industry professionals who have used the funding to grow those businesses.

Our three panel members were brilliantly generous in guiding us through the histories of their companies and how they secured the funding, but more importantly how they capitalised on it to maximum benefit. All three could point to ongoing success and stability once the funding period ended.

For all three, their business growth was about more than receiving funding.

  • David Taylor from Playmaker Media talked about the discipline gained from business planning and the importance of securing a mentor with a solid track record.
  • Helen Panckhurst from Matchbox also talked about the value her company gained from planning, but also on the importance of seizing opportunities as they presented themselves, often out of the blue. She also talked about the importance of getting sound advice at each stage of a business’ development.
  • Michael Tear from Wildfury talked about viewing his activities through a ‘business lens’ and a ‘creative lens’ and how swapping between these two gave him the perspective he needed to plot a course for his business.

My planning notes had ironically suggested that the session should end with wild spontaneous applause, but actually – that’s exactly what happened! Thanks to David, Helen and Michael for being such stars, and thanks to everyone who attended.

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