How arts, business and social causes unite.


This week, I’m looking forward to delivering a keynote at UTS Business School’s Triple A talks and the beautiful Dr. Chau Chak Wing building (pictured above). My topic is the Social Bottom Line and is about the intersection between arts, business and social causes.

The topic of business support for the arts is particularly pertinent at the moment, with the arts funding environment being so precarious. Increasingly, arts organisations will be looking for ways to generate income other than through government funding.

My talk is about a particular subset of organisations which are using the arts and creativity to improve people’s lives. These organisations give businesses an opportunity to progress their corporate responsibilities in two key areas; you can support the arts and help progress social causes at the same time.

A few of the organisations I’ll be highlighting are:

All of these organisations have developed innovative business partnerships to help progress their work. They’re great examples of how business can get involved in the arts, but also help change people’s lives as well.

I love these examples because ultimately, they’re about like minded organisations working together to progress a set of shared values. Here’s a snippet of what I’ll be talking about on the night:

We all make choices about what causes we support, and those choices are made on what values we hold. Businesses are no different; they are made up of people and a business’s values should be the distillation of the collective values of its owners and staff. It’s a starting point for any decision about how a business progresses what is sometimes called it corporate responsibility or its triple bottom line.

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