A small announcement from the management team

By June 30, 2016September 14th, 2018Generate, Staff


I have been working closely with Ben now for over 8 years and have had the pleasure of watching him grow from cocky young lad to a man highly regarded for his professional talent and strategic outlook.

He has long been involved in the management of the business and in recent years, to our mutual benefit, as an equity partner.

This time together has seen the business grow and develop substantially. As the ultimate can-do man Ben has been at the helm of our recent rebrand, overseen the development of the firm’s public profile, the expansion of our business service and advisory offerings, and still had time to build our internal systems and procedures into a thing of beauty and efficiency.

In acknowledgement of how Ben’s role has changed in recent years, I would like to announce to our valued team, clients and friends that he will be taking on the title of Managing Director.

I have known this for a while but been stymied by what to change my title to! Do I even need one? After much thought and having discarded CEO, Chairman, and “chick with the window seat” I have settled on Founder and Director.

Ben and I look forward to the continued growth and success of the company and working with people whose company we love and skills we admire.

Jacqui Crouch

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