We provide direction, support, and confidence to creative and innovative businesses.


Jacqui Crouch came out of Deloitte with entertainment industry experience and decided that there was a better way to deliver tax and accounting services to those in this very special industry.

With that in mind, Jacqui founded Moneypenny Business & Taxation Services Pty Ltd in 2001 and set up office in Sydney’s Fox Studios in historic building 19.

By this time it had also become clear that more than just entertainment industry businesses were attracted to the way the firm approached tax and accounting work as the firm now worked with all kinds of creative and innovative businesses.

Jacqui hired Ben Fletcher in 2008 and Lauren Hillier shortly after and over the years they both proved themselves worth keeping around with Ben being made an equity partner in 2013 and Lauren an equity partner in 2017.

In 2015 we decided to change our name to Generate, in order to reflect the huge variety of creative and innovative businesses we’re lucky enough to work with from Sydney, Australia, and around the world, and the wide range of projects we work on together.

We love working with business owners to ensure they are not only tax compliant, but to help them to achieve their business and personal potential, achieve their goals, and enjoy their success.

Now it’s 2020, we’re in brand new offices in Surry Hills to handle our growing team and we’re excited about what the future will bring for us and for our clients.


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